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AK Fire Ltd is a well-established business providing national coverage for several years. We specialist in the supply, installation, maintenance and commissioning of a huge variety of fire safety equipment throughout the UK. As one of the UK’s fastest growing Fire Protection companies we provide great prices and reliable service. Whatever your safety requirement need is you can be rest assured we will always offer you a warm welcome, knowledgeable advice and a friendly, professional service. tailored to suit your needs. We have tailored solutions to suit your every need, from fire protection equipment to security systems. AK Fire provides a one stop shop for all your safety and security needs and we have offices based in Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire

Just how important are fire Safety Equipment ?
It turns out very important! Often ignored, even by the fire community, these overlooked life safety devices play a vital role in keeping Your premises safety as paramount concern
For most people fire extinguishers are invisible, rarely used and often forgotten about Even often used as door stops. with AK Fire we can ensure all these safety products are checked looked after and can alert you of any issues we may find following

According to the Fire Industry Association (FIA) a survey has highlighted that rather than declining in importance, portable fire extinguishers have an even more vital role to play as a first aid response to fire, with 88 percent of fires that are tackled with portable fire extinguishers actually being extinguished.
This is an increase on the figure from a similar survey conducted back in 2003, which identified that in 80 percent of fires where extinguishers were employed, the fires were successfully extinguished.
Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 the responsible person must provide and maintain appropriate fire-fighting equipment.
The provision of suitable fire extinguishers is dependent on several factors including the type of fire. Fires are divided in to various classes – Class A refers to those involving carbonaceous materials such as paper and wood, Class B to fires involving flammable liquids, Class C to fires involving flammable gases, Class D to metal based fires and Class F is for fires involving cooking oils and fats.
Electrical fires are not included since they can fall into any class but there are extinguishers for use where an electrical current may be present.
Guidance on what is deemed to be an adequate provision of portable fire extinguishers is found in British Standard BS 5306 Pt.8, which covers their selection and installation and is referred to in the various Fire Guides published by the Communities and Local Government to help the responsible person.
The British Standard also provides guidance on accessibility, mounting and location of fire extinguishers, which generally should be easily available in conspicuous positions on brackets, or stands where persons following an escape route will readily see them. Some, of course, may need to be positioned close to a specific fire hazards but not so near as to be inaccessible or place the operator in undue danger in case of fire.
Maintenance not only means annual servicing by a competent person but also includes weekly checks to ensure extinguishers remain readily accessible and in operational working order.
Importantly the responsible person must also provide adequate fire safety training to their staff so you can be rest assured AK Fire have the right safety solution package to suit every need , which will take account of the findings of the risk assessment and explain the emergency procedures. All staff are at least, expected to know the location of fire protection equipment we will help by producing map to detail where all fire safety equipment is within your premises  and basic operating procedures,

Appropriate staff, such as fire marshals,Wardens etc  would need suitable additional training.


AK Fire Has fire safety train packs for every aspect of your fire safety requirements from showing you all your fire safety to checks to ensuring you have all your documentation we have stream line solution to aid you we have complete solution package for all fire safety needs from alarms to extinguishers we cover all aspects we have comprehensive fire safety packages to full fill your fire safety requirements

Portable fire extinguishers form an important part of the fire safety measures for a building being ‘first aid’ appliances, for use on small fires in their early stages. Businesses are well advised to provide staff with appropriate suitable training to raise the alarm and extinguish a small fire safely to stop it having devastating consequences. along with your fire alarm system and emergency lighting we have all the equipment to suit you.

Our team are highly experienced , so you can rest assured that your property and safety is in good hands we can provide everything you need to leave you and your premises fully protected.


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