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AK Fire Ltd is a well-established business providing national coveragre for several years. We specialise in the supply, installation, maintenance and commissioning of a huge variety of fire safety equipment throughout the UK. As one of the UK's fastest growing Fire Protection companies we provide great prices and reliable service. Whatever your safety requirement need is you can be rest assured we will always offer you a warm welcome, knowledgeable advice and a friendly, professional service.

With fire losses in the UK currently estimated at a staggering £7 billion per annum a well maintained fire safety service can help you avoid becoming just another statistic.

Our team are highly experienced and qualified, so you can rest assured that we can provide everything you need to leave you and your premises fully protected.

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AK Fire have a wide range of products to cater for all aspects of fire protection, call us now for a free no obligation quotation or alternatively email us at enquiries@akfire.co.uk

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