Emergency Lighting Maintenance

el1 Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Your emergency lighting should be maintained and in full operational status, all essential servicing should be specified. This would usually be performed as part of the testing routine carried out by AK Fire. For us to test your emergency lighting system, a mains power failure on the normal lighting circuit / circuits or individual luminaries must be simulated. This will force the emergency lighting system to operate via the battery supply.

AK Fire is able to provide a FULL service on emergency lighting in accordance with British Standards 5266-1./p>

AK Fire Carry can carry out two types of emergency lighting tests in accordance with British Standards. Monthly: All emergency lighting systems must be tested monthly. The test is a short functional test in accordance with BS EN 50172:2004 / BS 5266-8:2004. The period of simulated failure should be sufficient for the purpose of this test while minimising damage to the system components, e.g. lamps. During this period, all luminaires and signs shall be checked to ensure that they are present, clean and functioning correctly.

el2 Emergency Lighting Maintenance
el3 Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Annually: A test for the full rated duration of the emergency lights (e.g. 3 hours) must be carried out. The emergency lights must still be working at the end of this test. The result must be recorded and, if failures are detected, these must be remedied as soon as possible.

It is the responsibility of all employers to ensure that these systems are suitably maintained and checked to ensure they are safe and compliant.