Fire protection

Fire protection

It is unfortunate that most people are caught unawares in the event of a fire outbreak. Fire outbreaks are very devastating, and they lead to damage of property and loss of life among other things. This article provides you with information on how to prepare yourself so that you aren’t caught pants down in the event of a fire outbreak. Listed are some of the precautionary measures that ought to be in place to combat a fire emergency:

⦁ Fire alarm system: It consists of some devices working in conjunction to alert you through visual and audio appliances in case of fire. The system may be automatically or manually activated. Automatic fire alarm systems include the likes of smoke and heat detectors. Manual systems, on the other hand, include but are not limited to manual call points or pull stations. Alarms encompass a wide variety of options. They could be speaker strobes which sound the alarm or voice evacuation messages which warn people inside a building on fire not to use elevators. Motorized bells, horns or sirens are also other options that can serve as fire alarms. Once fire alarms are in place, you should also see to their regular maintenance and weekly testing which could be done by a qualified fire consulting firm.

⦁ Fire risk assessment: A periodic review of a premises’ risk of catching fire will go a long way in preventing a fire and keeping people safe. The evaluation is done in a structured manner and includes identification of fire hazards, identifying the people at risk, evaluating the risk and ways of removing or evading the risk. After a fire risk assessment, it is appropriate that an emergency plan be made and training provided. Fire hazard assessment is not a one-time event, and should, therefore, be reviewed and updated regularly. The process of risk assessment can be done by a qualified fire consulting firm.

⦁ Fire extinguishers: A fire extinguisher is a crucial element that comes in handy in the event of a fire. There are different types of extinguishers suited to combat fires due to various causes. Water, foam and dry powder fire extinguishers are just some of the types that are available in the market. Water fire extinguishers are the cheapest and most widely used. They are not suitable for use on fires caused by flammable liquids (Class B) or electricity (class E). Foam fire extinguishers are more versatile than water based extinguishers. They are not suitable for use on fires caused by electricity, but they are safer than water and can, therefore, be used when there is no alternative. The dry powder extinguisher has been termed as the multipurpose extinguisher. It can be used on fire caused by anything from liquid to gas to electricity.
Fire safety is a vital issue that has for years been overlooked. Many things can cause fire, and this makes it very unpredictable. Don’t just sit back and relax. Rather, put your safety and that of your loved ones first. Seek professional assistance that will ensure that you are prepared in the event of a fire.

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