Why is it important to have Smoke Vents?

Why is it important to have Smoke Vents?

Automatic opening vents can be crucial for larger buildings to allow the escape of smoke so people can see to get out of building at AK Fire we have the skills and expertise to help with all your Automatic opening Vent required. Whether its in installation maintenance or design we have skilled team of experts on hand to help.
Our AOV smoke vents at AK Fire are designed to automatically extract smoke in the event of a fire. Our AOVs are fully tested and certified in accordance with BS EN 12101-2, meeting standards for safety, security, non-fragility and fire safety with the full guarantee of an established, accredited UK manufacturer. These can be crucial to help extract smoke and heat from building.

Different between natural and powered Automatic opening Vents
A choice must be made between natural or mechanical ventilation. Natural smoke ventilation uses the natural buoyancy of the hot gases to drive the smoke flow through the ventilators. Systems often have a dual function and provide both smoke ventilation and day to day ventilation for your building requirements. Powered smoke ventilation uses mechanical parts to drive the smoke and heat to the designated escape areas by using extraction fans etc

Can we Connect are AOV system to our Fire Alarm?
AOVs and fire alarms are more than often connected so when the fire alarm is activated. The automatic opening vents open at same time. We can interlink systems please let us know if this is something you need.
Why Smoke Control is important?
Smoke control is an aspect of fire safety that refers to the principal of redirecting hazardous smoke and fumes and heat in the instance of a building fire. A correctly working smoke control system will keep smoke away from escape routes and enable easier ingress for firefighting services, saving both lives and assets which are otherwise at serious risk from smoke during a fire. There are many reasons why smoke control system can be important to you please get in touch with AK Fire and we will ne happy to help
How AOVs save lives
In a fire, smoke is a bigger threat to life than the fire itself this is because it will decrease visibility and can cause you to suffocate. That’s why fire safety often implores us to crawl along the floor below smoke levels, so we do not get engulfed as we all know smoke rises to top first. One of the other biggest threats during a fire, is firefighters not being able to access buildings safely and quickly due to any structural damage and obstructions. As AOVs open automatically and are built into the most structurally sound parts of the building (the outer walls or roof), AOVs allow smoke to rise above the escape routes helping to ensure a safer exit of the building. This significantly improves visibility and air quality to occupants, as well as giving firefighters improved visibility, when tackling the fire. This means earlier firefighting, better safety and less damage to the building. Get in touch with AK Fire for more information on how we can help you.

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