Emergency Lighting

Emergency Light Servicing

Emergency light servicing ensures you can rely on your safety lighting when needed during a power outage. Emergency lighting is an requirement in most non-domestic premises to ensure emergency routes and exits are adequately illuminated at all times.

British Standards 5266-8:2004 and EN 50172:2004 requires a monthly self-test, as well as an annual ‘drain’ maintenance test carried out by a service engineer, on all emergency lighting.

With the monthly self-test, you switch off the mains power supply to the lighting units and ensure all emergency lights are working and illuminated. This is made easier by having a separate switch with ‘fish key’ installed in the system which means you haven’t got to switch off all power. Record your results and contact us if you require the repair of any defects.

How Often Should You Service Your Emergency Lights ?
Full emergency light servicing is required bi- annually and requires a trained engineer. They will check your system is fully compliant and switch off the mains power supply to the lighting units, usually for the full three hours. Your emergency lighting should remain on for the whole period, and should any fail, the battery back-up or lighting unit may need replacing.

Our technicians can service maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting systems of any size in shops and offices, schools and colleges, care homes and hospitals, factories and warehouses, public buildings, village halls, churches, HMOs, and anywhere else we are needed.

AK Fire can offer great consoildation packages so you can roll all your fire safety requirements under one roof.

Currently, we’re able to offer emergency light servicing across the United Kingdom

Emergency Lighting Servicing Pricing Structure

Number of System DevicesCost
1 – 10 Devices £79.00 ex VAT
10 – 20 Devices £99.00 ex VAT
20 – 40 Devices £129.00 ex VAT
40+ Devices POA

Emergency Lighting Monthly Checking Pricing Structure

Number of System Devices Cost
1 – 10 Devices £49.00 ex VAT
10 – 20 Devices £69.00 ex VAT
20 – 40 Devices £99.00 ex VAT
40+ Devices POA

Emergency Lighting Design & Installation

If you have a business premises and employ staff then you have a duty of care and responsibility. Our emergency lighting installation service helps ensure that in the event of an emergency or power failure, escape from the building is not hindered by the lack of emergency lighting. Our team of qualified Engineers will design, install and maintain your emergency lighting system to ensure that you are fully compliant with the current regulations and British Standards (BS5266 as amended). Whatever your requirements, applications or specification, we can design and install an emergency lighting system that complies and works for you. Should you require, simple escape lighting for stairwells and corridors; or emergency lighting for high risk task areas where operatives need to safely negotiate machinery in the event of a mains failure, or open plan schemes, for larger scale office installation , in all cases we have emergency lighting to suit your every requirement we give you a free quotation and advice. Our highly professional Emergency Lighting Installation engineers can install all types of emergency lighting systems. From a simple self contained emergency exit light to a fully addressable system, all complying with both BS5266 and BS7671:2008 requirements. The types of emergency Lighting systems we install are: Self Contained Emergency lighting Self contained emergency lights are stand alone units with integral battery and connected to the local lighting circuit. These can be maintained or non maintained and can come with a options such as automatic self testing or incorporated into, to an self testing addressable system.